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Idea – History | Kraft durch Häkeln !

Idea – History

‘Strength thru Crochet’ – Anarchic-Crochet-Circle

…it’s not about bombs…

emc2 300x224 Idea   History


The Idea:
Anarchic-Crochet is about freedom in the handling materials and ideas.
Wire, ribbon, videotape, twine, wool… if it can be crocheted, never mind in what manner, it becomes part of the piece.
And every time the circle forms, there is metamorphosis.-



The History:

The Anarchic-Crochet-Circle came into being in the summer of 2005, a product of conversations about developing strength through crochet, and the emancipatory, pacifistic and meditative effects that crocheting can have. The term itself was inspired by a woman who – without any previous knowledge of crochet –
simply did so according to her own rules, and produced the first piece of ‘anarchic-crochet.’

a ha palast 223x300 Idea   History

Palast der Republik

What might happen if people met and crocheted in places charged with history, armed simply with crochet-able materials, crochet hooks and brownies, and welcomed every contribution whether in word or in deed?

The first ‘social plastics
that thus came into being, such as a ‘cloak’ to protect the now demolished Palast der Republik in Berlin, were purely anarchic in character and remain uncompleted.






matkapolka 185x300 Idea   History


With the action ‘Dressing Matka Polka’ (Mother Poland sculpture by Jan Borowczak) within the framework of the Raciborski Festiwal Sztuki (Ratibor, Poland) in September 2007, it was possible for the first time, with the cooperation of numerous crocheters from Ratibor to create a monumental yarn dress to bring color and joy to the steel sculpture. The crochet circles and dressing of the sculpture were filled with opportunities for communication and discussion of still sensitive political subjects (e.g. German-Polish relations).

This led to the idea of calling attention to important monuments (to women) that languish in relative obscurity by dressing them in color and joy for a short period of time..